01. What is the claim about?

We intend to bring your claim as a group claim collectively with other claimants for compensation due to you from the opponent(s) for their wrongful behaviour. Since 2009, the opponent(s) have manufactured and used a ‘defeat device’ in their engines that falsely reported on the vehicle’s emission levels.

We believe that the effect of this device was that the affected vehicles were falsely reporting on their emission levels which enabled the opponent(s) to profit generously from the cheat software and sell vehicles that were clearly not meeting the emission standards prescribed in EU and UK regulations. The opponent(s) were aware of their non-compliance with the regulations and continued with their behaviour.

The impact on you and your vehicle, is, amongst other things, that your vehicle is producing a higher level of emissions than legally allowed and is, in turn, polluting the environment at a greater rate than expected and your vehicle fuel consumption may not have been as economical as advertised.

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