22 April 2016
Mercedes-Benz USA disclosed that it was under investigation by the United States Department of Justice for discrepancies in diesel emissions testing in a laboratory setting, which differed from real-world results.

March 2017
Daimler AG instituted a voluntary recall of “compact class cars” with “one engine version,” which included Mercedes V Class and other models.

July 2017
Daimler AG expanded its recall in Europe to a total of 3 million Mercedes-Benz vehicles with diesel engines.

February 2018
United States authorities had discovered that Mercedes diesel model vehicles were equipped with illegal software used to help vehicles pass stringent emissions testing. The investigation found that the defeat device was used in roughly 580,000 Mercedes vehicles in the United States. The investigation further determined that the software could detect test conditions based upon speed and acceleration and that the software would “switch off” emissions suppression after 16 miles (26 kilometers) of driving—the typical length of U.S. emissions testing. 

April 2019
German authorities ordered Daimler AG to recall some 700,000 Mercedes vehicles worldwide.  These mandatory recalls were in addition to the voluntary recall by Mercedes of 3 million affected vehicles.  

21 June 2019
German regulators ordered Mercedes to recall an additional 60,000 GLK 220 model vehicles produced between 2012 and 2015 after Regulators discovered that these models only met emissions standards when defeat device software was activated.  

23 June 2019
Daimler AG stocks dropped 3.6% in light of decreased 2019 profit projections that the company attributes to the Mercedes-Benz diesel emissions scandal. In particular, the company attributed the decreased profits to: “an increase in expected expenses in connection with various ongoing governmental proceedings and measures” with regard to Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles.  

August 2019
The German motor vehicle authority (KBA) discovered cheating software fitted to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class Vehicles and ordered a recall of 280k vehicles. It also is going to set a fine between 800 Million-1 Billion EUR.  

March 2020
Hausfeld agrees to bring claims on behalf of the Mercedes Emissions Claim.
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April 2020 launches in the UK and begins accepting claimants.

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