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We intend to bring your claim as a group claim collectively with other claimants for compensation due to you from the opponent(s) for their wrongful behaviour. Since 2009, the opponent(s) have manufactured and used a ‘defeat device’ in their engines that falsely reported on the vehicle’s emission levels.

We believe that the effect of this device was that the affected vehicles were falsely reporting on their emission levels which enabled the opponent(s) to profit generously from the cheat software and sell vehicles that were clearly not meeting the emission standards prescribed in EU and UK regulations. The opponent(s) were aware of their non-compliance with the regulations and continued with their behaviour.

The impact on you and your vehicle, is, amongst other things, that your vehicle is producing a higher level of emissions than legally allowed and is, in turn, polluting the environment at a greater rate than expected and your vehicle fuel consumption may not have been as economical as advertised.

If you purchased (including were gifted, hire-purchased, or loaned) your vehicle from an approved Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Porsche or Skoda dealer and it contains either a VW 1.2, 16, 2.0 litre diesel engine (EA189 or EA288) or a 3.0 litre diesel engine (EA897), then you are likely to have an affected vehicle.

You can check whether your vehicle is likely to be an affected vehicle by entering the make, model, registration plate and year of manufacture in the eligibility check at the top of this page.

You will need to sign up at the top of this page and complete Steps 1 – 6 in order for us to assess whether you are eligible to join the claim. It will take no longer than 30 minutes including uploading the documents.

We will then review the information and documents you have provided and, if you are eligible, we will send you a confirmation email confirming you have joined the claim. You will only be a part of the claim once you have received an email from Charles Lyndon confirming this.

There will be no cost to you upfront or if the case is unsuccessful.

The costs of expenses, barrister’s fees and disbursements will be funded by Telluride International, a third-party funder.

In return for Charles Lyndon and the third-party funder investing their time and resources in bringing the claim, they will receive 40% of your compensation but only if you are successful.

This is a ‘no win, no fee arrangement’ so if you do not receive any compensation, you will not pay Charles Lyndon or the third-party funder anything.

No. We will, if necessary, arrange insurance to protect you against having to pay the opponent(s)’ costs in the unlikely event that the claim is unsuccessful.

The Solicitors acting for you are Charles Lyndon.

Charles Lyndon is a specialist litigation firm with expertise in large consumer claims. Charles Lyndon have extensive experience of the UK collective action regime gained in building this claim and other similar actions. Charles Lyndon is a limited company incorporated and registered in England and Wales and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

The amount of compensation will depend on a number of factors, such as when you first purchased or leased your vehicle, the model and make. Based on similar claims brought in the United States, the estimated average compensation is £5000, though this may be significantly lower or higher depending on the final assessment of damages.

Yes – as long as the vehicle you purchased or leased is eligible, your claim is still valid.

Yes – it makes no difference whether your car has had the ‘fix’.

When signing up to the claim, you will be asked to read a document called the Litigation Management Agreement.  This is the contract by which you will appoint a Committee of Claimants to give instructions to us to bring the claim on your behalf. This allows us to act for tens of thousands of people like you all at the same time.  We will keep in touch with you and update you at frequent intervals as your case progresses.

The court process can be time-consuming and there is no guarantee of success or deadline. If your claim is successful, you will be promptly notified about how to claim your compensation.  If a quick settlement is achieved, you may receive your compensation in the next six months but if the opponent(s) choose to continue to fight, it could take two to three years.

Unfortunately, we can only accept claimants who bought or leased their cars in England and Wales as Northern Ireland and Scotland have different legal systems. If you reside in Northern Ireland or Scotland, you will not be eligible to join our claim.

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